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Originally Posted by Dario View Post
I think for this reason BFTA must put the term "target field" under copyright, in this way you would avoid this situation of eternal confusion: If you practice field target these are the rules, otherwise it is another thing.
You wouldn't be able to copyright it because the term has be in "use" too long and it's not really the way to go.

FT is coming of age, it feels like it's on the fulcrum of crossing over to a professional sport and peoples expectations are much higher than 30yrs ago.

The thing to do is knock the emotional responses out of it all and look at it like you'd run a professional business. One set of rules and a criteria to host - if you can't match or reach these two things, then you don't get to host.

Install a proper committee and steering party, bring everyone in and tell them what's expected of them to be a member country.

There's enough good people around to make the changes and more importantly there's a lot of people that care about the sport and it's future.
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