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As I have said, I have little FT experience.

I would bias my thoughts on the comments from Rob, Bri, Tool, Connor, Andy Calpin etc who have years of experience of actually doing these events.

Dario's comments seem obviously sensible. The only comment I would make is regarding wind and course settings. In the UK it has often been said that there is usually enough wind to cause problems on a 'normal' Championship course. In some other countries they just don't get that same wind, so some variation may be needed re the course to accomodate this ( more small kills and 'some' angles etc ). Maybe this is why they seem so keen on limiting wind estimation options ( if they wish what little wind is present to cause as much confusion as possible )?

So you maybe need some flexibility to accomodate home conditions ( not home shooters ).

I would imagine if you had an experienced committee they could speak to local ( host ) shooters and adapt the course to suit and still be fair.
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