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I do not remember if in EFTF or WFTF e-mail list, but once I proposed to adopt the BFTA rules, but my proposal was not a very successful.........

I made this proposal because I think it absurd that after 35 years of field target practice in the world should still discuss to define exactly what it is.
When in a country you begin to practice the target field, what we are referring?
I suppose you take example of where this sport is already practiced, otherwise if it is not the same sport it should not have the same name.

So if there is a country where the target field is born and where it is practiced more than in any other country and for these reasons the Rules has more consolidated and tested it seems to me the most normal thing to adopt the same rules.
I think for this reason BFTA must put the term "target field" under copyright, in this way you would avoid this situation of eternal confusion: If you practice field target these are the rules, otherwise it is another thing.

Certainly it is too simplistic, but that's the concept.
If you want to do field target you don't have to invent anything, you just have to do it.

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