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I'm another that's not shot the worlds before but many know that i've shot a lot of FT and HFT in the past. I've just decided to start dipping my toe back into FT after almost 10 years of HFT and would have liked to have done it much sooner......

You know what stopped me for years?, the utter bollox that seems to manifest itself with the worlds that seemed to start with the U.S (never a world champ and never will be). I would have been over the moon to combine my love of FT with my love of travelling but couldn't see the point of laying out hard earnt cash to shoot on a course that has been twisted to suit the host country.

I'm in agreement with the feeling that the FT worlds need to be dragged back to the UK and the current set of BFTA rules used. Then let it move abroad again to those that comply with the rules and have it rigorously enforced. Get a few to go over early and make sure the course is as it should be. I know we have a few that deride the amount of rules within HFT but this sort of crap doesn't / shouldn't happen.

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