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I fall into Tool's group of ' never shot a FT World's '.

I've shot HFT since it began and I've messed around on FT courses since the mid 90's. I tried to give FT a proper go about a year ago.

The further you step back the funnier it gets with tin chicken shooting.

I've said it before ... but ...

In HFT I can only see 2 rules. Don't ever talk about the rules ... and ... Post event make as many comments as possible saying that that was the best event that there has ever been.

In FT I can only see 2 rules. Talk as much b0ll0x as you possibly can about the rules ... and ... There aren't actually any rules.

Out of interest ... I get that if you aren't allowed a bit of fishing line with a feather at the end, on the end of your barrel, then you may want to throw up a dried leaf or a bit of grass etc. If you are allowed the line and feather ... then why do you need to throw up leaves or grass or talc etc? It's all just an indication of what's going on at the shooting position. To know what's going on in between you and the target you have to look at leaves on trees and grass on the floor anyway. So I get that the rule has been 'changed' 'interpreted' without proper procedure ( if that exists ) ... but who gives a ***k? Like Tool said ... the guys who win aren't the guys with powder puffs or some fancy gadgetry ... it's the guys who have the experience and skill to judge the wind all the way to the target and keep knocking them down. Like Bri often explains ... the guys who can shoot the tightest groups get less problems re wind anyway. So the best shooters will keep winning comps.

I get that you are all p155ed off ... but will it make any difference?

I'm presuming it's not the changes in the words ... but the fact that it has been done without proper discussion etc?

From an outsider's view ... it looks like you need to stop complaining about a farcical organisation and set your own up and do it properly.

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