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Originally Posted by lnevett View Post
Since this matter has come out in public I will copy/paste Venezuela opinions on this matters, and the response given to that.

I can hardly believe it is a vote in favor.

Hi all, some considerations on this matter.

Rule 1.4.1 No additional equipment, electronic or other, may be used to assist the shooter in evaluating the wind or other weather conditions.
But grass, leaves or target string are not “Equiment”.

On target string, just imagine that you are ready to take the shot, and by any circumstance, you realize that the target has not been previously setup, just by pulling the string to set it up, would you incur in and infraction?? Does not make much sense…

I will translate what we think it is a good rule, found on the Euskadi Open rule book,

Rule 18.4 Besides of strings pendulum type indicators or similar, and the string target, it is only allowed for wind estimation the use of natural elements founds on the shooting position, provided that their use does not bother the rest of the competitors.

Luis Nevett

and the response was.


Grass, leaves, target string etc… enter in the definition of “Other”.

Rule 1.4.1 No additional equipment, electronic or other

Finally it was said that this is not a rule change, but just a correct interpretation of the current rules.

Not wanting at all to keep stirring the pot, but wanted to our position clear.
Luis, I apologize if I misinterpreted what you wrote.
But this makes it even more inconsistent the basis on which they made the decision to adopt this new interpretation

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