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Myself (Dave Schofield)and paula S are fully paid up and booked to do the worlds comp for 2015 and will follow whatever rules that get made up, but, just to say i told you so,.... last year with the farce that was newZ, i had suggested that there be a boycotte of the current wftf events and start up a completely new Version using, All current b.f.t.a rules (no matter what country your from), with immediate invitation to all uk provinces, spain, portugal, italy, germany and usa... countries we know who can hold a competition without making a bollock of it (i think they would join) and all other venues/countries to be vetted thorourghly for ability to hold a shoot ie over three days and 150 targets in total, any votes or rule changes to be done before the next Comp date is set and only by a majority vote of the above named rgbs who will all have 1 vote each, with the efta having the chair and 1 vote, and in the case of a hung vote, then it goes with the chair.
i did also say last year if something wasn't done it will just go on and on.
if you agree, then great, if you dont, well we' ll just have to put up with the, 'bull s hit' and live with it.

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