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Originally Posted by NeilM View Post
Who would enforce those rules? And how?

The WFTF does not put on the shoots, it simply decides which country will host it, after that it is up to the National organisation to get the show on the road.

Would you be happy for the BFTA or EFTA to put in a load of work to organise a three day shoot over three courses and then an unconstitutional body you have almost no say in tells you what you can and cannot do with regards to shoot rules.

As has been said, a quicker way to kill off the Worlds would be pretty hard to find.
Is it really that hard to have one set of rules and have the host enforce said rules, every other sport I can think of manages it so why not FT?

If I had the rules and knew what was required of me then I shouldn't have a problem, if I can't do that, then I shouldn't have be chosen or allowed to put the event on. Why not have the host pay for a Chief Marshall and Course Setter to go out and ensure that things are of a standard if it's such a problem?

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