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Originally Posted by NeilM View Post
Actually, for all my sarcasm, Connor is right.

See article 4 from the constitution.

The Federation will be managed by a President who will be elected by nomination and a majority vote from the RGB’s at the time of an annual World Championships event.
Candidates for the position of President need to have completed at least one term as Chairman/Vice President of the WFTF.
The President will serve for a period of three years and will be responsible for representing and running the Federation, with only supervisory powers over World Championship events.

Effectively the President is the WFTF, but as there is no Chairman or Vice President, then no one can hold the position of President.

In addition (and this was always the case when I was involved in such matters) the actual competitions are run to the rules of the hosting nation and the WFTF has no jurisdiction.

So, as Connor rightly says, you can ignore the WFTF rules as 1st; they have no authority and 2nd; there are no sanctions for breaking the rules.

On the downside, the recent vote (such as it was) is legitimate, as there is no percentage or quorum required, just a majority vote.

That's the way I read it anyway (and I did just scan through).

My, it's a long time since I have dealt with commercial contracts, but it's like riding a bike, it soon comes back.
The rule change, wasn't a change to the constitution, so a majority vote isn't specified. (only for a change in constitution and only after the end of a hosting period)

"management" of the WFTF doesn't imply changing rules on a whim.. the duties of the President are set out throughout the core rules / constitution etc and changing rules isn't one of them.

i.e. one of the duties is maintaining a list of RGB contacts.

Item 8.6 in the Constitution ( http://world-field-target-federation...s/Constitution )

Says... 8.6 Participation of a WFTF event in breach of these rules will not be permitted.

Although every year it has been permitted. NZ broke 11 of the comprehensive rules and 1 of the core rules (2 if you count rule 8.6)
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