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Originally Posted by NeilM View Post
Additional thought.

Is it not incumbent of the committee to make sure they have up to date names and contact details for each of the representatives.

This would seem the logical reason why so many countries failed to respond, possibly because e-mails were sent to addresses no longer in use.
Yeh, you'd think.

Except there isn't even a secretary. So muggins here set up a private forum, just so all the reps could log in and say their bit, and it created a history of who said what when. It all went swimmingly till it was noticed 2/3 of the countries said nothing, or said "you decide" and yet despite a vote to say "use the forum" (which most surprisingly responded to), it wasn't abandoned by the president and it went back to email. And guess what... nothing got done.

The EFTA proposed that membership should require response. That never made it out either. We questioned who can propose things, how do we do it...? that didn't get anywhere either. So I was left with the impression that it depended on the weather as to if an idea got launched into official discussion mode or not. Getting things to a proposal to be voted on I am not sure we ever achieved in the past 2-3 years apart from if we should use the forum or not. I am not sure if that's progress or not from before when proposals were sent out, just not verbatim to our proposal.
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