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Having taken Tools Tours across the globe an back in search of international veg and tin chickens the Turnip s on Tour have seen many pieces of FT gadgetry and all manner of wierd and wonderful things , from a cannon designed to fit in a Peli case , solar powered fans on hats , 300mm diameter side wheels with a 2mm gap between 50 and 55 , pellets soaked in man fat and goose fat , raccoon snot , Pilchards spraying talcum powder around like its some 70's retro Blue Stratos changing room orgy, we've seen charts that allow for gravitational spin drift allowing for cross magnetic pull due to the earths rotating speed , inclinometer and other spasmodic contraptions but the one thing that is so laughable is the rules !

Come on WFTF , wtf is going on ? All I can see from my blinkered little piece of flat Blighty is your trying to p1ss people off so much that they don't compete ? Correct ?
Let the Pilchards have there " so called edge " but in all the years I've competed the bear bone facts are you just can't stop people from winning who can actually shoot !
As much as you adapt and amend , make it up as you go along , put obstacles in their way , set up a global comedy shoot across the other side of the world in New Zealand to which you get less attendees than a CSFTA winter league !

With the worlds only months away wonder what other oddities and boundaries arise ?

With regards to reading the wind , could I attached a smoke grenade launcher ? Say " I'm firing one off kn@ckers " and piff paff puff I've launched a D-Day esq smoke barrage on my tin chicken allowing me to pick inside edge a slot it down ?
Technically I'm not doing anything wrong ? Am I ? It's attached to the cannon and many people fire a shot off for those fictional creeping regs .

I do always like these threads when the majority of comments come from people who have never attended a WFTF event nor intend too ! No offence by that but I don't really care much anymore anyway.

My advice would be sort your sh1t out before the so called sport slips into a mere pass time.

Think I'll stick to ISSF 10m at least it's not made up and reasonably enforced .

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