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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
I am not ever going to attend one but a couple of questions come to mind. For prone and a sling are they permitting an ISSF style single sling and if so does it have to remain attached to the rifle or can it be unclipped as normal? If you have the time and experience a prone + sling is pretty much bench rest stable (not easy to switch to incline/decline quickly though).
Less seriously - are there any of these vapour ciggie substitutes with very low to 0% nasty in them? if so everyone could look 'cool' like the shooters behind the bike sheds and puff out those huge clouds of "smoke".
ISSF slings are allowed and can be clipped and unclipped from the rifle - most people use them for standers and just leave them attached to around their arm and unclip from the rifle when it's not a stander, but yes they could use them within the rules for prone too.

The windicator rule also excludes the use of eCig's as well, although it's not clear if you're ok to use an eCig when you're not sitting at the lane or not.

It's also not clear if it's ok to look at the reset string when the shooter in front of you pulls the target up, or indeed look up at the clouds to see how fast they're moving

For something that's supposed to give extra clarity, it raises more questions than it answers.
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