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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Can I ask the question WHO changed the rules?

WHEN and WHERE was this discussion about rule changes?

HOW can a rule change that will impact and dramatically change the sport be introduced?

As a representative for N.Ireland I was never even asked my opinion on windicators!
Was it done via secret emails from the President Andy Kays?

How can a rule be changed with only 5 months before the event when people have paid to enter, this cannot be right. Any previous rule changes could only occur after a worlds. What does the WFTF Constitution say about rule changes?

Where is Mr President aka Twang? Can he clarify this matter? He has been absent from the Facebook Field Target, group since he left it after the fiasco in New Zealand.

Not being allowed to use a string to gauge wind? Not allowed to throw grass, leaves etc? Can I breath on a cold day? When I nip out into the wood to have a p1ss during the 6.5hr long day at the worlds, do I have to close my eyes as to look what way my urine is blowing? Do I have to close my eyes when a spectator is smoking? Can I look at falling leaves?

Again may I ask you Brian, who contacted you to change the rules?

Surely someone is taking the urine here?
Hello Conor, I fully share your doubts and I did what I could to point it out.
I think someone has a very personal and romantic field target vision according to which all must participate only with springer, breeches and checkered shirt, and this is the way .......
I do not know How does the mail list, these are the answers that I gave in the way, and since I am the author think of them made public.
For Northern Ireland is an email address that I believe will lead to Greg Ferson and another I do not know.

They were in favor of this change: Norway, Portugal, Germany, New Zeland, Chile, Canada and Venezuela.

Adverse: England, USA, SouthAfrica and Italy.

Not expressed the others 25 RGB.

My e-mails:

24 March 2015

Hi All,

it does not seem me correct to change in fact the rules with the agreement of only 7 of 36 RGB.

Please consider that if there are more target placed next to each other at a distance that does not make it possible to read the number to the naked eye, the practice of pulling the string used to identify what is the correct target.

If this prohibited the shooter who shoots first will be penalized compared to others.

Best regards,

Dario Gusmeroli
FTI - Italian Representative

P.S. I should like to know when will come into effect these restrictive clarifications

27 March 2015

Hi All,
Hi Andy,

the diffusion of an interpretative circular which in fact do not allow that which has until now always been admitted in my opinion it is equivalent to a rule change.

At this point, however, I would consider it right, that such a major change is made available as soon as possible to all the RGB and especially to all the shooters who wish take part at the world, because I think that the rules are properly known with the maximum advance before the course.

Therefore, I ask permission to explain at the members of the RGB that here I represent this new interpretation that I consider very important.

Best regards,

Dario Gusmeroli
FTI-Italian Representative
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