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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
After having read the Constitution in fine detail, there isn't actually a process for changing any of rules. So technically, even if there was a unanimous vote of all the RGB's then you still couldn't change the rules, because the constitution doesn't allow for rule changes.
can I stand for pres? i got a uniform when i was the local hotel valet. it's got tassles rivalling the finest burlesque bar's lampshade and the NSRA 6m benrest pistol gongs i've got in D class for '76-78 should be quite impressive on my chest as I stand up in the back in my mates convertible austin maxi on the way to the range. so i'm qualfied for the post. i can provide powder as well but the $ is quite strong now so you may not want to flash it about the range too much.

i can head off these commie ftinestas that lurk in the bushes with their talk of common sense and revolution

here is my manifesto

1 )the welsh have to stay in a separate town

that pretty much covers it
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