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Default There are NO rules

Can I ask the question WHO changed the rules?

WHEN and WHERE was this discussion about rule changes?

HOW can a rule change that will impact and dramatically change the sport be introduced?

As a representative for N.Ireland I was never even asked my opinion on windicators!
Was it done via secret emails from the President Andy Kays?

How can a rule be changed with only 5 months before the event when people have paid to enter, this cannot be right. Any previous rule changes could only occur after a worlds. What does the WFTF Constitution say about rule changes?

Where is Mr President aka Twang? Can he clarify this matter? He has been absent from the Facebook Field Target, group since he left it after the fiasco in New Zealand.

Not being allowed to use a string to gauge wind? Not allowed to throw grass, leaves etc? Can I breath on a cold day? When I nip out into the wood to have a p1ss during the 6.5hr long day at the worlds, do I have to close my eyes as to look what way my urine is blowing? Do I have to close my eyes when a spectator is smoking? Can I look at falling leaves?

Again may I ask you Brian, who contacted you to change the rules?

Surely someone is taking the urine here?
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