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Default WFTF Rules changes

Hi Chaps

I've been asked to publish some changes to the WFTF Comprehensive rules on the WFTF Website :
There are 3 changes to definitions :

Free position
The shooter may use any shooting position that is safe and comfortable to the shooter. No other means of support, other than the competitor, shall be used for the rifle or body (exception seating rule 1.6). The gun must not contact the ground.

Prone (which may be utilized in the "Free" position)
The shooter lays face down. The shooters forearm, from elbow to fingertips, must be clear of any artificial or natural support. However, a sling as described in rule 1.4 (and definitions) may be in contact with the competitors forearm in order to help steady their arm.

Wind indicators - (Methods of wind indication)
Non electronic, and only attached to rifle. Any other form of shooter initiated wind assessment is NOT permitted. (Includes, but not restricted to, target strings, powders, grass, smoke, dust etc. NB! Target string may be utilized once to locate target prior to timer start.

The penalty for misuse of a target string will result in zero points on the scorecard for the target to be addressed.

I have no involvement in the definition of those rules, so I'm not the best person to answer any questions you might have, I'm just letting you know there's been a change.

This is a change to the WFTF Rules, NOT the BFTA Rules

All the best
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