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Default Furnace Mill Results. 12/04/2015

That was a windy day by any standard. We only changed a few targets today but it felt like a new course with gusts that had no form to them. Target 14 was pulled due to early issues so everyone gets a bump (except those who dropped it). We need to do better in a few weeks’ lads as it’s our first team event. This practice put us in good stead for the infamous Quarry wind so we should have this in the bag.

Well done everyone today; it was a tough one. Oh, Goldstars take wind.

Remember Leciester next week, lets get our names and faces down there to support this new club.

Mick Boswell 52 (milek) R-10. Panorama
Mick Monaghan 51 (mikmon) HW101. Rhino
Dave Freeman 50 (davef) DSMK4 Delta
Ian Sheppard 49 (jedclampit) R-10. Vortex
Perry Broad 49 (pez) HW97. MTC Viper (Recoiling)
Kevin Brookes 48 (kevbrookes) EV2. Sidewinder
Darrin Lynn. 46. (xtx) Steyr. Vortex
J P Bradley 45 (bluefrog) AAS400. Panorama
Bill Birch. 45. (bill-b). FTP900. MTC Connect
Karl Guest. 45. (rattus) FTP900. Vortex
Mitch Birch. 44. (mitch-b). Goldstar. MTC Connect (junior)
Graham Cole. 44. (gracole). FTP900. Vortex
M. Thomasson. 44 (tomo). FTP900. MTC Connect
Stew Powell. 44. (stew). HW97. MTC Viper. (Recoiling)
Matt Hipkiss. 43. (BSAman). AAS400. Panorama
Lee Marsh. 41. (Masha). HFT500. Bushnell
Phil Tombs. 41 (tombzy). FX Bobcat. MTC Mamba.
Ryan Ashman. 40. (fusspot). Goldstar. Panorama
Mark Tansley. 40. BSA R-10. MTC Viper Connect
Matt Pritchard. 40. (mattp) DSMK4. Bushnell
Chris Pritchard. 37. (chrisp). Steyr. MTC Connect
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