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Default My last word on this

Ahh, thanks Rob.
This is really the bit in question;

WFTF Core Rules


* No rifle shall exceed 12ft/lb muzzle energy. A rifle found to be producing in excess of 12ft/lb will result in disqualification for the competitor.
* All rifles shall be in good working order and safe in handling.
* All forms of clothing are permissible.
* Single rifle slings are permitted.

* No straps other than single rifle slings are permitted.
* Bean bags, elbow pads & knee pads – refer to host NGB rules.


* Targets are addressed in numerical sequence i.e. 23,24,25,26, etc
* Competitors shall be timed 2 targets=3mins, 3 targets=4 minutes, etc. Time commences when you sit down and address the target or when you address the target for standing or kneeling shots. Range finding, loading of rifle, checking of the wind are all part of the timing process.
* Every competitor is charged with leaving each lane firing area in a safe and tidy condition for the following competitors.

HFTA Rules

4.3.1 The glove can’t contain steel or any stiffish material

14.4 Kneeling: There shall be only 3 points of contact with the ground – one sole, one knee,
and toes. Bean-bag may be used to keep the knee clean but it should not support the ankle.
Seating to foot is allowed when the peg and leg are in 90 degrees. Slings are not allowed.
14.5 Standing: just soles are connecting to the ground. Slings are not allowed.

18. Clothing
18.1 Any clothing (i.e. clothing that is favourized by the ISSF shooters) that stabilizes the
position of the shooter is forbidden.

15. Time per line
15.1 Competitors shall be informed about time limit prior shoot.
15.1.1 Time limit is typically 1 minute/target. Timing is mandatory for all HFTA events. The
time will be continuous, with the number of minutes allowed equating to the number of targets in
that line.
15.2 The preparation time shall not be more than 1 minute/line. Preparation time does not
contain the time for resetting the targets.
15.2.1 Preparation time starts when the competitor enters the shooting line with resetted targets.
15.3 Shooting time starts when the eye is put to the sight.
15.4 Shot after time limit shall be credited as “miss”.
15.5 In the event of a ‘cease fire’ order, guns will be discharged safely into the ground. Timing
shall be stopped. After ‘cease fire’ event timing shall be continue.

Now, the TIME issue is an odd one to bring up perhaps because the Hungarian rules resemble ours, Eye to scope to start the clock but as the WFTA rules are specific, they should be the guideline that the Worlds follow.
I feel abit nit-picky frankly about this especially as I don't use a jacket or a glove & I don't have a sling on my PCP though I do on my springer, so I appear to be Mr. Pedantic here, but I just feel that a number of Countries including our own have signed up for these rules, they are there to makesure we are all singing from the same hymn sheet at each occasion & specific rules aren't subject to interpretation. Where WFTA Core rules say that something is down to the NGB fair enough but isn't it right that each World Championships should be broadly the same in key points to ensure we are all competing at the same sport?
I'll say no more about this as I don't want to get bogged down in the politics of it all.
"The Past is a Foreign Country, they do things differently there".
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