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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
What's to say that a barrel running at legal limit with a jsb heavy will still be legal with an AA express ?
I think the best and easiest solution is to let the Marshall load the gun.
It's probably more likely. The lighter pellets aren't as efficient in my experience with my rifles... 8.4s come out the same speed as 7.9s or are about 10 fps slower. The lighter pellets need more hammer than the heavier ones. I wouldn't like to think what an 8.4 would run like if I set an express rs to nudge the limit.

If the marshal loads the gun while the gun is held by the shooter I can't see an issue. There's always going to be ways of defeating tests, it's not about that, it's there to demonstrate as much as possible a level playing field.

I'm sure there can be improvements made in the process but we need to remember that many ideas have been thought of and discounted many times for many reasons.
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