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Originally Posted by simmmo View Post
There were two oversized targets on Bravo neither of which were a rabbit. Both shot as well as we expected. One placed to fool the eye the other plain to see. There were however a lot more undersized targets in various forms. They are my targets that various people have made for me over the years. I have no GS rabbit but the myth now needs fueling so thanks for the idea.

If you are still using the Sightron GS targets shouldn't catch you out anyway.

Well I thought it was a giant rabbit so maybe my eyes deceived me and it was something else.

I gave it full distance in the bottom of the kill, yet it was approx five mildots from a guess where the base was, to the centre of kill, but pretty blurred .Luckily it dropped ok.

Whatever it was it was nearly double size. Yes I am still using the Sightron.

Maybe the giant rabbit just appeared on its own for easter!

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