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My opinion is that if any changes need to be made is that reliable chrono's are used, that is it.

Personally I don't think anyone deliberately uses a rifle that is over the limit to gain an advantage, after all realistically you need to be around the 14ft/lb mark to start seeing a difference in my experience. So say you are insinuating that someone potentially says they are using 7.9gr pellets but are in fact using 8.44 gr pellet.

Legally this allows them to use up 825fps with 7.9gr to stay sub 12ft/lb but lets use the above scenario and say they are using an 8.44 gr pellet but say they are using 7.9gr. So they are now using an 8.44 gr pellet at 825fps.

In real world difference this will make is wait for it...... 4.57mm POI difference at 45y with a 30y zero and 1.65 inch scope mount height. Basically nothing! So basically they are not gaining any advantage! So to say that people are doing this to gain a 4.57mm advantage is silly, in my opinion.

So really the whole using a "generic pellet" that is weighed to try and catch people trying to gain a 4.57mm advantage is a wasted exercise almost. I do agree that people should be chronoed to ensure they are the right side of legal, in fact I 100 percent agree.

I do not think people are trying to gain any advantage by doing what I have said above.

I don't get what you would achieve out of using a "generic" weighed pellet, are you after ensuring everyone is undeniably the right side of the law? Even then you would have to go through laboratory type testing to ensure this. The chrono is there to give an indication as far as reasonably practicable that competitors are using legal sub 12ft/lb airguns, basically I'd hazard a guess that it's to do with insurance.
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