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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
We have considered using a standard pellet, but there are some shooters who would not want a 4.52 to go down a barrel that was set for a 4.50 for example.

Also my Steyr reads different for a job 4.52 and a AA 4.52, so a standard pellet is a non starter.

I know the UKAHFT are looking at new Chronographs at the moment and there are a few other ideas that are going to be introduced this year.

Doesnt matter what your steyr reads with AA, H&n etc as long as you know it will be tested with lets say a jsb 4.52, 8.44g So a standard pellet is a starter unless if course you're saying if you use a different pellet your gun might go over. Thats an illegal gun anyway!!
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