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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Well is the worlds not supposed to be the toughest?

Both courses were demanding and designed to be technical and testing. I shot the Bravo course on the Sunday and really enjoyed it, and faired quite well with the targets that were taking wind, apart from pegs 1 and 2 which caught me out. I picked up on the giant rabbit(yes there was one) and shot reasonably throughout. Great course.
There were two oversized targets on Bravo neither of which were a rabbit. Both shot as well as we expected. One placed to fool the eye the other plain to see. There were however a lot more undersized targets in various forms. They are my targets that various people have made for me over the years. I have no GS rabbit but the myth now needs fueling so thanks for the idea.

If you are still using the Sightron GS targets shouldn't catch you out anyway.

Glad you enjoyed the weekend.

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