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Well is the worlds not supposed to be the toughest?

Both courses were demanding and designed to be technical and testing. I shot the Bravo course on the Sunday and really enjoyed it, and faired quite well with the targets that were taking wind, apart from pegs 1 and 2 which caught me out. I picked up on the giant rabbit(yes there was one) and shot reasonably throughout. Great course.

But the Alpha course on Monday brought me down to size and I came away totally bewildered, as wind was altering from shooter to shooter, and I came off with probably the lowest score I have had, ever.

But thats what it should be about! If it was too easy would it be a good enough test for a world champion to be crowned the best?

Well done to the course setters and thanks for kicking my butt! The effort put in by everyone should be applauded, and how many countries could put on a pair of courses to that standard? I think we all saw the result of inexperienced organisations setting the worlds Ft recently and how that turned out despite peoples good intentions.

Thanks to Sparky and all the other helpers in organising the event, and giving their time and experience.
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