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Default Change of advert

Don't give up on getting it swaped, they tried to tell me that the Big nikko was not really a field target scope.They were very fast to offer a brand new scope as a replacement, which turned out to be a bad batch of Nikko's.Thats when I complained about the tiny gaps between distances and was told it was not really intended for range finding for field target.I pointed out that their website had a field target champ all over it and how could they get round that.
That's when the website seemed to have changed and had Japan all over it after I told them I heard it was being made in the states.
Your best bet would be to ask if they would like you to complain to the manufacture directly,if you bought it new then it has a life time warrantee.
If I were you I would push for a full refund and spend the money on another make,i will never own another MK3.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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