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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
The old scorpion tube measures 325mm, the GS tube is 250mm so it will protrude 3" past where it is now. The tube is the same fitting at both ends so it is a simple screw on fitting job. Switching the stripper for a slim silencer would keep the rifle looking right with a long tube on.
Considering the fill valve and reg secure into the threaded ends on the tube about 30mm that gives usefull internal lengths of 190mm GS tube and 265mm scorpion tube so the 3" longer tube gives nearly 50% more volume.
I figured it would be the same fittings, and was just wondering about the tube length relative to the barrel.

The alternative I thought of was to put an R10 type bull barrel shroud on, to extend or match the tube length. I fitted a bull barrel moderator to my S10 many years ago, but that was for both style and practical purposes.

Looking at Knibbs, I can't see the longer Scorpion tube, only the 250mm or 425mm tubes, are they available still? Or would I need to speak to BSA?
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