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As Andy says, I think it was the wind that made Bravo on day 2 (which is what we set out for), otherwise the courses were similar target wise, both had range traps, odd targets, high targets etc.
I don't think you can compare the courses either as they are both so different in layout. Bravo was basically a straight line, where Alpha twists & turns.

Maybe we should rotate next year lads & set out Alpha & vice versa

I know it isn't Gary's intention, but I feel posts like these are a little unfair & upsetting on course setters that put so much time & effort into putting out, we go up in Feb to reccy the courses, get ideas for a line & target placements, then give a full two days hard graft (Alpha was more I believe) before we all shoot on the two days following over the weekend, I know I was shattered Monday eve & took Tuesday off work to recover !

5 people on each course set out, 5 ! Over two days, think how you would feel, tired, emotional, you bombed on your own course It would get your back up, would you want to set out next year ??

A big thanks to ALL the course setters I think.
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