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Think a lot of people who shot Bravo Monday pm shot themselves in the head first before they even shot their first target. No doubt course discussion over the previous days had got rumors of giant birds and miniature mammals running chaos in minds hoping for glory. The course was set for what we thought/hoped would be the prevailing wind and just before we went onto the course pm Monday we got it. So as always in my opinion wind and where you are on the course when it is blowing paid the biggest part in lowering scores. Even on Sunday Bravo took some reasonable wind (I painted them) the limited target lines orientation lends itself to that. Just as in my opinion Alphas unless it is blowing hard and swirling doesn’t with prevailing wind either with or against for most shots helping pokers.

I felt Alpha was more technical than Bravo with a few shots Bravo lacked it had you struggling for your most comfortable position on some shots with good elevated shots along with great target placement in deep cover etc.

I think both courses shot well and considering how kind the wind was am Sunday both in lack of strength and direction I think Alpha shot brilliantly with 90 of the top HFT shots in the World not even coming close to beating her.

Like the old saying goes” horses for courses.”

I am sure next year we will all be back to shoot what then will be the best courses the Worlds have ever seen.

Oh and there was no ”Giant Rabbit” But that’s a great idea.

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