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90-120 shots from the full length model depending on tune.

I had mine in a GinB stock with a big Nikko on top and couldn't fault the rifle, I just fancied a dedicated FT rifle. Mine got me from C into AA, when I upgraded to an EV2 then a Steyr.

If I was being picky I'd say the trigger isn't quite as good as the Steyr but (and others may disagree) but I preferred it to the one on the EV2; I found it crisper on the 2nd stage. Unlike many full on FT rifles it has a genuine 2 stage trigger.

There are plenty of people who shoot normal sporters with modified stocks in FT. Warren will cut out your cheek piece and make it adjustable for around 50 notes. A block of wood or perspex or whatever for a hamster and you're good to go.

The 101 is technically more suited to FT... IF you can find one. If not, get a single shot adapter definitely. With it it's probably the least fiddly rifle to load of any I've ever shot.
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