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Hi, I'd forgotten I'd posted this. As it turned out I have done very little high speed stuff and used it more as a conventional camera. The stills and HD video are much better than my old Pana TZ-5. I tried to do some high speed indoors but lighting is a big problem at 1200fps with this camera, the targets need to be very well lit indeed. You really need to be outside on a sunny day of which there weren't that many back in Feb!

I did try to take some high speed vids of shooters at the PJBRC, but with the few second window you've got and not knowing when the shooter is about to trip the trigger it's quite difficult to capture the moment, especially without disturbing the shooter! I imagine the limiting factor is the amount of buffering memory available. The bit rate for capturing the video frames is going to exceed the write speed of the card by some margin.
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