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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Rob asked Josef (Mr JSB himself) about head sizes when we met him in Ebern in 2013.

Josef said that they don't measure the head size, they get sent the dies from the toolmakers and it has a head size stamped on the die, and that's what they put on the tin. I got the impression that JSB don't make the dies themselves from that conversation.
Thanks for the added info Brian. I have my info from a conversation with the current managing director of JSB; Pavel Kolebac. He told me this during the European championship 10m Airguns last March.

Looking at the tins labelled with different headsizes but the same die number my guess would be that what Pavel has told me is the way they do it today. (having noticed the tins with the different headsizes but same die number was actually the reason to ask him about this). JSB may have changed the way they determine headsize between 2013 and today. Pavel told me that currently Josef Schulz is retired and not very active anymore at the JSB factory. He is around every now and then but not working for JSB anymore.
You are right about the dies. JSB does not produce them. They order them from a toolmaker as you say.
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