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Course setters... I doff my hat to you.... Well done for two very challenging courses.... Loved Bravo and hated your ingenuity on Alpha !
Organisers.... I salute you. Many many thanks for another great event.
NIGE.... you're now on Slimming Worlds Hit List... You lovely lovely man (well, team of course)
Air Arms.... for supporting our sport so well, you have my sincere gratitude (yes, i've got one as well !) Without your support and constant development of world class products, our sport would stagnate.

And finally, ... All the superb competitors over the weekend. The banter, cameraderie and tips are what keep me coming back. I cant wait until Easter 2016 now.

A great big thanks from me.

And Vince......

Well done buddy. You earned the title and deserve it. Hard work and practice has really paid off.
Now have a short rest and give us mere mortals a chance.... if only for a couple of weeks.

Steve Ed
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