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Default Sarnie is my friend

Thanks for everyoneís kind words regarding my result!

Big thanks to all who have helped me in the last 18 months, thatíll be at least everyone at MAD! Youíve all given me invaluable help! its been a sound experience meeting like minded people over the country

Iím still in disbelief and cannot believe the weekends result Ö..Much the same as most of you Ö !!

Bit of a shock to say the least, especially for me who spent the morning frantically searching for somewhere open that sells Imodium!! , wonít be going back to that restaurant!

Didnít even think Iíd get on the course Monday let alone win it !

Rudy, I couldnít have taken the title from a nicer bloke, Iím gonna have a lot of difficulty living up to your legacy over the time to come

Tugg, talking of turncoats you can keep the mat boy (if you will have him back) I donít use Ďem , bit of grovelling may be in order Ian

Rog B , ( aka black hawk down ) a tip for you , pull the string , hope you've got over that ! cant believe there must've been 6 of us that were looking and didn't notice

Extra special thanks for Doppa and Jen who have spent hours with me giving me the benefit of their wisdom experience and friendship

Roll on team MAD!! we all done well at the worlds !, now for the nationals !
( Oh dear R1 is quarry ! gulp ! )
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