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Originally Posted by Nizz View Post
Please don't think am not grateful for the advice I have been Looking for alternatives that will require a small mortgage to own but some of he newer ones have had bad reviews like the new bullpup evanix ml would love to hear about the fx impact when it arrives also the kalibur cricket sounds like it has problems but u get feel for what am after something a bit different but that also can perform obviously if am spending large sums of money customisation is not an option straight away however not ruled out your thoughts on all the above please feel free to abuse me till I buy an air arms lol
I think what we're trying to do is save you from a lot of hassle. People have fun with HFT/FT for different reasons, some people are very competitive, some aren't and just want to enjoy shooting at targets they haven't had to set out themselves. It takes all sorts and you're perfectly entitled to enjoy H/FT however you like.

If everyone bought the same guns it would be very boring, and if everyone only bought guns that never put a foot wrong (if such a gun existed) then people wouldn't shoot springers in H/FT either.

The slight problem is, that if you're very new to competition shooting and have only shot round a course at your local club then there's every chance that once you start shooting comps you'll get hooked (it happens to us all) and you'll naturally want to hit more targets.

When you get to that point, being new, you'll have trouble telling whether the reason you're missing is down to the crazy gun you've chosen or down to some mistake in your technique.

My advice would be - first off, set up either your TX or Huntsman as an HFT gun and get yourself out the the NEFTA Hunter shoots over the summer (the first one is near Selby at the beginning of May).

Once you've got some competition experience under your belt, you'll be better equipped to make a decision about how you want to progress.
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