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Default Big thanks...

Just a big, big thanks to all those that helped set Bravo, not sure I should name them after looking at some of the scores (including my own) but we were all stitched up by Sparky for a photo so here we go..

Andy Simpson, Gary Morrison, Nigel Buchan & Justin Rayner, without these people the two full days of graft would have been impossible ! We had people falling in ditches (ahem, Gary ), stinging nettles, briars, hawthorn & some other god awful stuff I'm still pulling out of my hands now to contend with, but it was all worth it with the feedback we received after

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback on the course, I think we managed to set a fair course with just enough to catch a few out, the wind played a big part on day 2 but we set out in the hope it picked up
I paid the price for my comment on the 'spider web target' thread since I picked up a 0 on it must keep my mouth shut in future & whoever says course setters have an advantage look at my scores, 57 on ALPHA, 48 on BRAVO, haha..

Also, thanks to all that set Alpha, you had a harder line to set out I think so well done.

All in all, I had a great 4 days though with great company, two great courses with only one 'real' problems on each when screws sheared on brackets, I think most were strings or splitters.

Mr & Mrs Sparky, thanks for a good craic all weekend in the Elms Good to see the Meon lads as well.

A massive thanks to all the behind the scenes people that help with setting the event up from start to finish.

Last but not least, thanks to all the competitors that shot over the weekend, see some of you on the UKAHFT circuit.

Sorry for rambling on, tired & still on a bit of a buzz from the weekend

& well done Vince Holland on becoming WORLD CHAMPION !!"!
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