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I've made a slight tweak to how the session lists are displayed.

There's a new Category now - "Guests"
If your name is down as a Guest, it means that your name isn't down on the latest version of the grading list and you don't have an official grade as such.

The grading list is still being finalised at the moment, but if your name is down as a guest, it might be worth checking with your club secretary that they've applied for a BFTA Shooters card for you.

If they have, I'm sure it's just a case of the updates haven't found their way onto the new grading list yet, but if they haven't you might want to ask them to order a card for you before the GP series starts.

You don't have to have a shooters card to shoot a GP, you're welcome to shoot the event as a guest, just be aware that guests aren't eligible to win a trophy and aren't eligible to accrue league points.
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