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i now have 3 scopes Falcon menace 4-14 hawke airmax sf30 4-16 and delta optics 4-14 as a result of trying to find one that has a bigger depth of field at 10x or more mag. none achieve what I want clear at 12 -40 yards blur 10y and 45 yards most are clear at 18-35 yards only by dropping down to 8 mag will they achieve what I want

Smaller objective lenses scopes appear to give grater depth of field
The mtc connect seems to have best depth of field at 10+ mag I have tried but the ret is to fine for me and not ideal for people with glasses

I just looked through a vortex diiamond back and that does seem to have a greater depth of field at 10+ mag but the ret is no good for bracketing. going to try it out on a course to see if it really is better


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