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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Around the turn, there was one up there with a small reducer in behind a hole in a tree... got that... then I think I missed the full size at about 40 against the bush... there was a lane before or after with a diamond down low against the bank.. got that... cant remember the other one and which was in which lane. It was all a blur of dink hit dink hit at that point...

Then Mr D bet me a 1 that I couldnt hit the target in the first lane after the turn. So I dug in deep, and dinked it. I lost the full chat one down the tunnel on that side that went off left, and the longer of the first set of standers... but that top side did me proper.

Do you have all the cards Martin? Can you post mine?
ayup rob, there was a 15 ml through the hole with a full kill at the base of a tree on the same lane then a full kill in the holly bush and the diamond down at the bottom of the bank then you turned onto the opposite bank, full kill in the hollow at the base of a small birch and full kill on a sleeper at the bottom of the far bank.
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