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Originally Posted by eyewitnesss View Post
Webley VMX pell The new Mozzy?????
Tried most of my pellets today and they were nearly all brilliant. Group sizes at 55yds 10 to 25mm with JSB / Airarms 8.4 4.51 doing the 10mm groups.
No flyers at all. Too embarrassed to admit the real problem

One thing I would point out though is that Webley VMX pellets are not the new Mozzies.
They wouldn't even reach the plate until I doubled my normal 55yds clicks. Their BC must be terrible.
Checked that they were not 10.6G and they are as stated 8.18g.
They are domed, but not as much as all my other pellets.
EV2 Mk3+Sightron SIII 10-50 x 60 LRIRMOA / Bushnell 8-32

Theoben Rapid 12 FAC


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