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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
100% This ^
Well.. erm sort of.

Take Chris' example above.. he has 3 pellets that he says all grouped as well as each other and he couldn't notice a difference in the crosswind.

So without downrange chrono tests, how do you choose between the 3 if downrange grouping is 100% the answer?

Being able to tell the difference in a crosswind is a very tricky and subjective thing, conditions can vary from one shot to the next very easily and that variation will have an impact on your objective assessment of how well one pellet does in a crosswind against another.

It also depends on how good you are at shooting groups too. If the best you can manage on a good day is say a 30mm group at 55 yards, is that group size good enough for you to be able to tell the difference between one pellet and another?

That's where downrange chrono tests come into play.

What you're looking for is the pellet that loses the least velocity first and foremost and secondly the pellet that has the smallest downrange spread. (If that happens to be the same pellet, happy days).

So coming back to Chris' example - the best pellet on the downrange chrono is batch 22, which also happens to be the pellet he chose anyway.

If you used a chrono on the muzzle to choose your pellet you probably would have gone for the Premiums, but these have a lower BC than batch 22.

The pellet with the highest BC will be better in the wind and probably produce smaller groups too.
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