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One thing to learn from the thread is to find a pellet your rifle likes and then buy as many of that batch number as you afford. I've got 2 Steyrs that like batch 22 so i got 100 tins. I have approx 60 tins left and i only paid a fiver a tin so there's now also the saving in cost due to the rise in the price of pellets.

Tight grouping at 45 yards (for HFT) and 55 yards (for FT) is the critical factor you're looking for with maybe some confidence from good chrono strings. However a good chrono string at the barrel may not mean the pellet will group well at longer ranges, it’s just a confidence check that the rifle is ok and legal.....that's where it all gets a bit confusing. I recently did a test with batch 22 vs batch 34 vs the new JSB premiums. I had a combro on the barrel connected to my phone via Blueshot and a borrowed pro chrono digital at 50 yards down range. No changes were made to the rifle power adjuster between batches but the barrel had a pull through and 25 shots to 'lead in' in between. Rifle shot prone on 20 mag.

Muzzle fps 780 muzzle spread 9,64 fps (50 shots)
50yd fps 600 50yds spread 10,66 fps (50 shots)

Muzzle fps 785 muzzle spread 8,42 fps (50 shots)
50yd fps 575 50yds spread 10,13 fps (50 shots)

Muzzle fps 780 muzzle spread 8,68 fps (50 shots)
50yd fps 590 50yds spread 22,26 fps (50 shots)

Just goes to show how important the BC is to downrange readings. All the batches grouped as well as each other, even the 34's which showed a large(ish) spread at 50 yards, but the 22's were marginally flatter for HFT shooting and required a few less clicks on the turret at 55 yards. What it boils down to is don't rely on the chrono to choose your pellets. Down range grouping is the daddy.

Oh.....and neither pellet showed any better in the crosswind either.
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