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[QUOTE=madplinker;192901]Hi Al

The Dia number of your pellets is the first 2 digits of the the 7 digits at the back of your jsb tin the last 2 digits is the year your pellets was made mate the batch number is the single number next to your head size ie 4.52 etc

The most important number id the dia number which your barrel may like[/QUOTE

My ftp loves die 10, 2013 so I bought some die 10 2014 , these are definately NOT out of the same die , they are slightly longer and when you look inside the skirt they are completely different, not to mention a bit heavier, I only noticed all this when they shot 20fps slower, dunno if theyre a bit wider but when I tested a 4.53 they still shot faster so I, m none the wiser or convinced on the labelling of jsb, s , tbh I, m buying a sleeve a month to see if I can find a batch that shoots as good as the 2013,
10 , pellets of 1020014 are5.52
10, pellets of 10470013 are 5.43
Not being experienced in this lark yet I, d be interested to hear comments ]
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