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Matt i did three or more BR 42's when they first came out in mid 98, no earlier and a fair few sold by a very small shop up towards you.
The FT was 1995 only know of two ever sold by Jenky.
The illuminated ret 40 mags were out late 1993 approx 800 then via Jenky, very troublesome one bloke died Brian Dix waiting 2 yrs for a repair and still didnt get scope back same as most others well in excess of 12 months, Tasco far superior optically!
NXS from 2002 and only come down to 22 yards in 42 mag, only done one. Nice story about Terry's, i declined that one at the time knowing what they did the second time it went back to US.
BR like yours will come down to 17 yards in 42 mag and easy like all others to do.
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