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Default Targets missed��

Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Here's the Winning Card, amazing shooting from Marc despite the weather.

Target 5 was the kneeler up the tree, 14 was the diamond at 33 degrees down the bank after the 15mm hole in the tree reducer, can't remember the others but not many hit 40, the 45yd stander on the stairs.

Well done Marc

Target 14 wind from behind, pumped down the middle, missed on the right.
Target 25 stander, didn't miss by mutch, but not a good shot.
Target 5 high kneeler, allways struggle with these shots.
Target 7 I ranged this at 50 yards ? Scope had loads of rain on it so prob miss ranged ???
Target 8 l ranged this at 45 yards ? Same thing struggled with the rain on lenses, no idea why I missed.
Be interested to know what distance others made targets 7 & 8��
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