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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
The pellets have been weighed to tolerances that would impress a columbian drug dealer... they've been sized to nuclear tolerances... the gun is as sweet as a nutt... the missus has ironed my lucky pants...i'll be chauffeur driven after a late rise...sunshine and barely a 7mph breeze predicted... i'm starting on lane number one...i've even got a new bit of kittykat box for my numbers... i'm wondering just how badly i can cock it up

Into the lions den we go
My pellets have been weighed to tolerances that suggest there should be enough in the tin... they've been sized in the sense that they fit in my pocket... the gun was in the case last time I looked... PANTS ????... I'll be driving up at sparrow fart... 7 or 70mph breeze, I still won't know what way it's going ... I'm starting on lane 11... I've got a Kit Kat for breakfast... I've a fair idea of how much I can cock it up !!!

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