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Originally Posted by dog3665 View Post
Reticle Type: Mil-Hash (@24X IR)
Click Value (@100 Yds.): .05 MRAD
Minutes Per Revolution: 2.5 MRAD
W/E Travel (@100 Yds.): 14.5 MRAD

thanks brian the information on the scope is above i'm using a mk3 nikko at the moment with1/8 moa which is in the drop down box on chairgun.
I can't find the above in the drop down box .
Cool - that's what I guessed then 0.05 MRAD per Click so the number you need Chairgun to use is 5.83 clicks per MoA.

You must be using a different version of Chairgun to me, I'm using Chairgun for OSX on the Mac and Clicks/MoA is just an entry field you can type into - it's not a dropdown box on my system.

Maybe someone using the same version of Chairgun as you can tell you exactly where it is?

Failing that... is there an option for 1/6 clicks in the dropdown? You could use that 5.83 is pretty close to 6 afterall.

Most of the time, the quoted number on the box is wrong anyway. I use a Bushnell 4200 8-32 scope which is quoted as having 1/8 clicks. When I measure them, they're actually more like 7.5 clicks per MoA. The point of that is that the numbers on the side of the box are usually just a rough approximation so using 6 instead of 5.83 is probably just as accurate anyway. (i.e. not very accurate at all)
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