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You might notice that there's a list of registered shooters at the top of the post - that list is automatically updated every 5 minutes by the new GP Scoring system ( Shaun-O-Matic 3000 ).

You might also notice that some of the names are displayed in Red.

Don't panic too much if your name is in red, what it means is that Shaun-O-Matic 3000 is struggling to match you up with the latest Grading list.

If Shaun-O-Matic can't match you in the grading list then you'll be down as 'A' grade until we can match you in the list.

There's no need to panic and please don't PM me (my PM box get's full quickly) - If your name has gone red, I'll already know about it and will at some point investigate why and hopefully sort it out before the GP.

Once sorted your name should turn blue and you'll be moved into your correct grade.

If your name's not in red please check the shooters list to make sure you've registered in the correct session and that you're in the grade you think you should be in.

If you want to elect to shoot in a higher grade please contact either Me or Simon Evans and let us know (when we've updated your grade you should automagically move in the above list).
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