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The figure that Chairgun is asking for is Clicks per MoA

So for a 1/8 click scope you generally enter 8. i.e. 8 clicks = 1 MoA

A 'mrad' is 3.43 MoA

Armed with that knowledge you can calculate how many clicks there are in 1 MoA and enter that value into Chairgun.

I'm guessing that it isn't 0.5 mrad per click because that would mean that each click would be 1.7 MoA ( about 1 inch per click at 55 yards ).

Do you mean 0.05 mrad per click?

If that's the case then 1 click would be 0.05 * 3.43 = 0.1715 MoA

So then to figure out how many clicks there are in 1 Moa you divide 1 by 0.1715 which is 5.83 Clicks per MoA.

To sum up.... if it's 0.05 mrad clicks you mean and not 0.5, then the answer is... type 5.83 into Chairgun.

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