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Another vote for the Bushnell Elite 8-32x40, just about in your budget (used).

The thing is with scopes, they vary and buying new you're not guaranteed "a good 'un" either. Warranty is no use in this case, only if there's something demonstrably wrong like a loose reticle or a jammed parallax. Try explaining to customer services that it's fine, but it's just a bit vague above 50 yards.

The other thing with FT scopes is that you rely absolutely on it being good at something that with very few exceptions, it just wasn't designed to do, i.e rangefind. Using depth of field via the parallax adjuster. Consistently and repeatably under all conditions. To the yard preferably.

The best way is to buy a "known good" scope owned by someone you know, who has used it successfully for a while. Then ask why they're moving it on if it's so good. Or, get an extended trial if possible. On a rifle. Ranging actual targets with it.

Even then it might have suited them but for reason it's just not good for your eyes. Until you've tried several of each type you don't know.

In essence you're buying a pig in a poke whether new or used.
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