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Originally Posted by pjp61 View Post
Firstly, apologies for bringing up a subject which has no doubt been done to death, exhumed and reburied numerous times.

I can't afford 700 for a Big Nikko, or 450 for a T50 - at present.

Is there ANY scope available which can rangefind in the 45-55 yard area to an adequate degree to allow a shooter to be competitive?

Up to approx. 300

I am leery of going down the used scope route, as there are many horror stories, and you have no comeback from a used scope.

Obviously something in this price range would not be good, but are there any which are passable?

Many Thanks
New there is only the ZOS that is really cheap .from china between 75 to 150 on flea bay . secondhand look out for a FTX1 . same price 75 80 ??? HOLLY
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